South East London five-piece Tiña became the first full album signing by prestigious new label Speedy Wunderground, after producer Dan Carey saw them play at cult Brixton venue The Windmill. Their debut, Positive Mental Health Music (PMHM), provides an honest and intimate portrait into this process of self-examination, covering themes of anxiety, depression, love, sex, isolation, fear and failure. Lead singer/songwriter Josh Loftin explains that he used the songs to “work through a mental breakdown”, and that for him “writing is like solving a mystery”. Yet, their music is catchy, lively and danceable and the band’s performances are anything but sombre, often involving choreographed bits of stage movement, sound effects and wacky outfits: Loftin sports a trademark pink, felt cowboy hat and velour cycling shorts at every show. Loftin’s cooing vocals, his lyrics poetic yet slightly self-mocking, sit atop a blend of psych-pop keys, drums and guitars, crafted by other band members Adam Cartwright (Bass & backing vocals), Ollie Lester (Lead Guitar) George Davies (Drums) and Calum Armstrong (Keys), the latter of whom describes Loftin’s vocals as “Kermit doing Kurt Cobain – which I mean in the best possible way of course”.

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