Steph Grace sings her soul away from behind her steel string guitar.

Blending clever concepts with complex rhyme schemes and cutting rhythm, Steph’s songs and melodies bring new meaning to the term ‘original’. Switching effortlessly between downbeat groove-makers and upbeat mood-changers, she is as comfortable performing on festival stages as she is in living rooms the cosy Berlin bars that she regulars. In an industry flooded with auto-tune and ghostwriters, Steph’s honesty is undeniable in the live arena.

Having just supported Passenger on his European tour, each audience was more mesmerised by the next. CD’s flew off the shelf and ultimately sold out, breaking sales records for any other support act. Her full length album ‘Concentrate’ is making tracks with her new extended audience, and they are hungry for more. Rumours of a new record in 2019 are emerging.

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