“In almost every song there is some frustration,” says Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen about her debut album. Released in 2017, it is an intense work, loaded with the intimacy of her delicate voice, acoustic guitar, strings and unfiltered lyrics. Jakobsen released her debut EP ‘The Lingering’ in 2015. Streamed over seven million times, it is a potent seven-track introduction which wastes no time in transporting you, with a rare openness, into her world. Her debut LP touches on similar themes, but viewed from another, slightly removed, place. “It was like seeing the same time from a different emotional standpoint. It was like the first record was more this lingering feeling of sadness and hopelessness. This is more frustrated and angry but looking at a lot of the same things. It was like my perspective had changed and I was further away from it.”

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