Shalom has announced her debut LP Sublimation for March 10th via Saddle Creek. The 13 tracks reflect the many sides of the Brooklyn-based, South African-raised artist with stories of heartbreak, feeling like an outsider, self-medicating and partying, and ultimately choosing love over fear. While she paints the edges of indie rock, Shalom, along with her collaborator and the album’s producer Ryan Hemsworth (Quarter-Life Crisis), team up for challenging and vivid arrangements that are danceable, driving, and also delicate. Today you can watch the video for the lead single “Happenstance,” a track that finds Shalom world sick. Over a muscular bassline, she sings, “I’m waiting for the day that I can finally walk away from all this bullshit.” As the track settles into a mesmerizing groove, she sings over the chorus, “I’m just trying to erase myself whenever I get the chance / my need to evaporate and receive validation at the same time is just happenstance.” It’s in these contradictions where Shalom’s writing thrives and is at the core of Sublimation.

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