Moving into 2019 Piers is set to release his debut album entitled ‘A Dying Breed’ which is 12 track album about pushing the current creative boundaries of music within the UK Rap/ Hip Hop scene, with a much needed push on creativity with a means to put the focus back on the artistry of music the album itself has flourishes of Piers’ influences with the likes of Kanye West, Andre 3000, Pharrell and Tribe Called Quest coming to mind but still has its own identity showing both an emotional investment as well as thought, bringing back the authentic soul feel mixed with the raw emotions of our minds and hearts. Music is about emotional investment and within Piers’ ability to produce, rap and sing with help other instrument based musicians there is the need to celebrate today’s hip hop artists who’s aim is to inspire and represent our music and culture.

Piers is a prime example of an emerging yet distinctive British soul, jazz and hip-hop sound

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