As a result of an upbringing atypical to most rappers, Pen Gutt’s music is similarly atypical – existing in its own unique world in terms of tone, groove, flow and production. The project combines the musical tastes of Pen Gutt along with his producer Samkopf, – “everything from Death Grips to Aphex Twin to 1950 Scandinavian musicals to Jpegmafia to Charlotte dos Santos” – and also owes a great deal to the Japenese anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. His first album, “HOLD DEG I VARMEN”, in many ways, despite the shimmering melodies, infectious grooves, unshakable hooks and silk-smooth flows, is an extension of Pen Gutt’s soul searching. After breaking the Norwegian music scene, performing at Øya Festival and calling the attention of media such as Dazed & Confused, Boiler Room, Dummy Mag and Fader, Pen Gutt is now ready to continue taking his music all around the world.

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