Born in Lebanon, raised in Ohio and trained in London, Michael Malarkey is a musician and actor whose versatile talent has seen him command both stage and screen on both sides of the Atlantic. He currently has 3 EP’s and 2 full length album releases under his belt sitting alongside acting roles in the Vampire Diaries (CW), The Oath (Sony Crackle) and co-lead in Project Blue Book (History/A+E). 

“A portrait of what it means to be human” (Billboard)

His debut album, Mongrels (2017) is an album of the changing of the seasons, both literal and figurative whilst celebrating Michael’s pan-discipline, pan-heritage existence. Whereas his sophomore release Graveracer (2020) confronts his mortality and relationship with the sea. Written whilst filming in Puerto Rico during hurricane Maria and recorded in Sheffield, UK, Graveracer showcases the eye of the storm, a man laid bare, fully exposed to the elements and energies beyond his command.

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