21year old Memory Of Janereal name Maïlé DoremusCookmay have an opaque indie dispositionbut his creations are intended to be a communal experience; an exchange of ideas and feelings throughuniversal worldbuilding, where the listener can glean meaning and a sense of familiarity from intimatetales of torpor and existential dread.

Maïlé, based in South East London, has always possessed a latent creative streak within him. Growing upin France he took piano lessons, as a teen he plied his craft in jazz bands and embraced the immersiveworld of filmmakingparticularly animationascribing visceral nostalgic moments to the visual mediumbefore he’d even realised his abilities as a musician. His fascination with electronic music was a morerecent phenomenon, congruous to his growing confidence as a selfmade artist. Influenced by theaustere sound designs of Aphex Twin, the electroacoustic dexterity of Squarepusher and the art rockflourishes of Radiohead, there’s a wraithlikequality to Memory Of Jane’s songs that also evoke early Thexx and James Blake in it’s haunting, understated charm

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