Kid Francescoli was successful from 2013 with the release of his album “With Julia” marked by the title Blow up. His second and last album “Play Me Again”, released in 2017, confirms this success, notably through an international tour of almost two years. On this next album, Kid Francescoli wanted to collaborate with several singers from different backgrounds to enrich the sounds and atmospheres of his music: Nassee, with a soft voice and r’n’b, Samantha, warm and serious voice in Brazilian- Portuguese, Ioni and Sarah to keep the American disco queen touch.

Above all, he found inspiration and the main atmosphere of the album by fully embracing the wonders that the Corniche de Marseille offers and which have greatly influenced him: the sun, the sea, appeased love. This gives warmer, Latin sounds, while keeping the melancholy side that is dear to it.

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