Faye’s story begins in Atlanta, GA. Before finishing elementary school, guitar had become second nature to her. Completely self-taught (save for some guidance from her older brother), she was writing songs by the age of 14. At 16, she released the Run & Tell LP, a collection of country and folk songs. After a positive reception, she decided to pursue her interest in music, majoring in songwriting at a liberal arts school in Nashville, TN. However, already satisfied with her own unique approach to music, Faye loaded up her class schedule with art direction and photography classes before dropping out.During her early explorations of Atlanta, Faye linked up with Awful Records’ senior resident, Ethereal, who eventually became a mentor. She was quickly introduced to Atlanta’s art community and began shooting portraits for the local talent. Since then, she’s shot press and promotional photos for D.R.A.M., Killer Mike, Lil’ Yachty, Offset of the Migos, amongst others, all while developing her own music. Inspired by Aaliyah and Angel Olsen, Faye’s sound bridges Americana and alternative country. and “Faye Webster” is released via Awful Records.

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