On her luscious new EP, ‘Sweeter Than Heaven’, Faye Meana’s creamy vocals slow dance over self-produced beats as she sings about both the good and bad in relationships. Whether it’s the reflective and questioning “Was It Really Love?”, the disco-tinged “Giving It In”, 80s synth-backed “What You Do” or slow jam “Better Than Her”, Meana’s new project is meticulously crafted and highly polished. Long time listeners will notice a marked departure in sound from her earlier records, which carried more of a bedroom production. But there’s no secret recipe. Meana admits that it’s “just growth” and she’s still very much a one-woman band.


Trained in jazz piano from the age of five, Faye Meana originally had her sights set on a career as a jazz pianist, however, after being introduced to GarageBand as a teen, her eyes opened to a world of possibilities. Releasing her first song on Soundcloud in 2016, over the years, Meana trickled out a handful of jazzy, neo-soul releases, including her ‘Shades Of A Dreamer’ EP in 2019 and the popular single “Patience”, which has racked up more than 730,000 streams on Spotify alone.

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