“Jeffrey Lebowski, it is “The Dude,” Donny Benét, it is “The Don.” Quite simply.”

Praised and panned by critics as “Prince on a serious budget cut,” Donny Benét is best described as the favourite nephew to Uncles Giorgio Moroder, Alan Vega and Michael McDonald.

Hailing from Australia, Benét’s debut album Don’t Hold Back confused and intrigued many whilst quickly establishing him as a cult figure in the Australian music scene. Donny’s piece de resistance The Don, which featured the breakthrough single Konichiwa facilitated his first invitation to tour Europe in 2018. In no time at all Europe had caught a fever that only Donny could quell each time he returned to perform. Several sold out European tours later, alongside multiple US touring led Donny to follow up with his 2020 album Mr Experience and instrumental EP Le Piano.
Donny will be releasing his 5th studio album in 2024.

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