Brooklyn-based musician and producer Barrie Lindsay, known simply as Barrie, has a passion for creating left-of-center pop music that reflects what The New York Times describes as “a kaleidoscopically vivid inner world. ”She spends her days writing songs and tinkering in Logic, stockpiling her creations in a vast archive of folders and hard drives. When it came time to select the songs for her sophomore LP, Barbara, she narrowed it down to sixteen tracks. As the record came together, it became clear that there would be two separate projects.
The remaining five tracks from the Barbara sessions–more light-hearted and off-the-cuff–were compiled into a new project. An avid runner, Barrie named the EP5K after the common foot race. Explains Barrie: “The music felt like a good arc for running. I want this music to be good company; steady and light enough. It’s literal and it’s metaphorical; this EP is meant to be your running partner for whatever form of 5K you’re doing.”
Barrie ‘5K’ | out March 31, 2023 via Winspear

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