Automotion, the name hailing from a synthesis of automation and becoming, are a post-rock band from London. With dramatic and violent changes between sections in their music, Automotion convey the multifaceted passions of life that goes beyond simply loud-quiet-loud.

As dense and foreboding as it is intricate and meditative, the music Automotion create aims to express emotions that are not represented through language. The tension between influence and the will-to-innovation comes out as something recognisable yet authentic.

Formed by school friends Jesse and Lennon, Automotion swiftly recruited drummer Otis, with bassist Luke joining after seeing the nascent band’s shows at Brixton’s Windmill. With half of the band currently studying Fine Art, the influences Automotion cite are eclectic, ranging from Marcel Duchamp and Steve Reich through to the guitar playing of Robert Fripp and of course Slint.

The band’s thrilling debut EP “In Motion” was released in June 2021 and has picked up radio support from the likes of Jack Saunders and Iggy Pop. This Autumn the band has performed a series of headline shows across London including multiple sold out shows at The Windmill and All Our Tomorrows at the 100 Club.

Next up, the band will be recording their 2nd EP with producer Andy Savours (Black Country, New Road, Sorry and My Bloody Valentine) for release in the New Year.

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