Aime Simone’s vision of pop music is a subtle fusion of thoughtful songwriting, danceable beat and uplifting yet melancholic melodies. Aime was born in Paris and is now based in Berlin. He started playing guitar and writing songs as a young teenager, and soon after became friends with Peter Doherty, who further inspired and mentored him in his artistic development. After a few years of traveling as a model while continuing to evolve his music, he moved to Berlin and started to expand his skills to include more electronic elements and production.

Aime Simone’s debut album “Say Yes, Say No” is a bright and soulful offering, taking the listener on a journey from nostalgia and melancholic lows to a breath of new energy and hopeful sentimentality. This is a sensitive and modern take on pop music, utilising subtle elements of Aime’s varied influences: from post punk and indie rock to hip hop and trap, as well as soul and 60’s pop. The songs are simple and accessible while remaining definitively authentic and occasionally veering towards experimental. This is an album to dance to, to cry to and to be inspired by.

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