TAMIKREST in tamasheq language means junction, connection, knot, coalition. The group members come from different horizons (Mali, Niger, Algeria). Wanting to assume fully their Touareg identity, they found in the rebel music Ishumar the means to express it. Through the message of their songs, TAMIKREST want to make Tamasheq poetry and culture accessible to inhabitants of a world larger than the immensity of the Saharian desert.

“Their lingering electric-guitar riffs transported the sell-out audience to another time and place — the sun-glazed horizons and dusty plains of North Africa. Cafe Oto’s whitewashed walls and bare wooden furniture lent itself to the pared down desert-rock rhythms that carried a hint of off-beat reggae. Yet behind the chilled exterior of the band and their meditative music, there’s a turmoil of emotion and rebellion … We were left upbeat and with a sense of hope for the defiant Tuareg and an understanding of those fighting for a place called home.” 5/5 Morning Star (about Tamikrest at Cafe OTO)

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