RYD is 22 year-old North London producer Ryan Downie.
His debut single with the label 37 Adventures is Work It Out, which RYD describes as being about “the avoidance of confrontation in order to spare yourself from grief. The song is addressed to the feeling that most choose to hide from”.

From the first second of Work It Out it evokes an emotion that can only come from a place of pure, unbridled honesty. With a plethora of “ethereal” artists out there, RYD stands alone, not only because the beats and production are so special, but because the emotional impact of the song doesn’t fade when it’s over. You’re left feeling a complex mixture of hope and pain.

RYD followed up the single with his debut EP, ‘Now There’s Nowhere’.

And in case you wondered, it’s pronounced R-Y-D.

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