A science student, an international model, a musical artist – most would agree that this describes three diverse individuals, but this is not the case with Genevieve Ryan Martel. Having experienced so much at such a young age, it is safe to say that Ryan is beyond talented, passionate and dreams big. Getting recognized on the streets of Montreal for her picturesque beauty, Ryan was propelled into the world of international fashion modeling. Working for clients such as Vera Wang, Miyake, Elle, Rudsak, Matt and Nat, Joe Fresh, Aldo, Travis Taddeo and Mackage only validate Ryan’s talent – but her obsession for music led her in a different direction.

It didn’t take long before Ryan began experimenting with the sounds of drums. She received her first drum set at the age of five and loved every minute. Shortly after, she was introduced to the electric guitar, violin and cello. All this contributed to her innate ability to blend all types of music and it allowed her to fully grasp the idea that music takes vigorous practice.

Ryan was more of an “I’ll teach myself” kind of girl. She lived and breathed music, so much so that she had already composed music by age eleven. There is no set genre that Ryan loves; she lives on the adrenaline of creating new sounds that break the barrier of traditional music.

Her most recent musical venture is RYAN Playground – this project blends pop, electronic and hip-hop into a sound that caters to all music lovers. This novel sound is Ryan’s passion, her dream, and will always remain part of her core. Ever since the launch of RYAN Playground, her music has been extremely well received by the local community, playing for Festival Mode & Design, Festival MEG, Cult Magazine’s one year anniversary and more recently for LNDMRK’s one year anniversary. Ryan was also approached by Cult Magazine and eyewear brand All In Eyewear to create exclusively curated mix tapes.

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