Nils Bech has long been a prominent fixture in underground music and performance art in Norway having released three LPs with the Norwegian independent label Fysisk Format. Known for captivating performances and a distinct falsetto lying bear his soul in a thick Norwegian accent Nils accumulated a cult following. After signing to legendary NYC electronic label DFA Recordings for his 4th LP “Echo” Nils gained international acclaim and became a household name in Norway after several of his songs were featured in the hit Norwegian TV show SKAM.

“Nils bech is the queer musical genius you might not know yet… [His] songs  plant minefields in your heart. Slowly, they start to implode, taking your emotionally-fraught soul with them.” – i-D

“Complex, theatrical synth-pop fused with contemporary classical”- the FADER

“[Nils] has this unnerving, wide-eyed gaze that, along with elegant, slightly gaunt features that recall an Egon Schiele portrait, make it difficult to look away.” – The Independent 

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