Austrian Manuela and her British-born husband Nick have been making music together on and off ever since they first met at a youth club summer party in the late 90s in Bavaria, Germany, where they both grew up. They moved to Glasgow together some years later after Manuela, who is a visual artist, was offered a place at Glasgow School of Art to study painting. Nick went on to join Franz Ferdinand, sell millions of records and tour the world, all the while continuing to make music with Manuela as Box Codax. Recorded after Nick concluded touring the Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collaboration FFS, ‘Cracks in the Concrete’ represents the first music Manuela and Nick have made together as Manuela. Between its scratchy, snaking guitar lines, analogue synth squelches and a nagging melodic hook that’ll keep you punching play over and over again, it’s a tirelessly fun arrival.

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