On his 18th birthday, August 18th 2016, Jimi Somewhere uploaded his first ever release on Soundcloud. That was «MEMORIA EP» and two years later his music has been noticed by a lot of people. «The entire project was written, produced and recorded by myself and my best friend Milo Orchis in room 310 at Tyrifjord school. On the EP, I’ve tried to encapsulate the feeling of being trapped, in love and lost, but still hopeful. I hope this EP makes the listener feel the same things as I felt while writing and recording it.» – Jimi Somewhere on «MEMORIA EP». Two of the songs off the EP have been released as singles, and both «Escape» and «The Beach» have been hailed by the international music press, and the renowned music blog Pigeons & Planes has premiered both music videos. After the release of «MEMORIA EP» Jimi has played several notable gigs in his home country of Norway, including by:Larm, Slottsfjell and other leading Norwegian festivals. He has also been invited to make music with a lot of talented and prolific musicians in LA. Jimi Somewhere, who only recently turned 20, will release new music in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.

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