In a flow of constant creativity, Indigo Lo’s singer, guitarist and songwriter, Joe Grimshaw, converts waves of inspiration into the band’s canon of occasionally wild and melancholic psych-streaked rock. Signed to Ignition Records, the Hampshire-based four-piece conclude a period of meticulous recording with producer Matt Jones and mixer Tom Dalgety in resurgent temper, packing for a long-term touring campaign and pledging a collection of deep and self-assured songs that juxtapose Grimshaw’s introspective nature.

Sparks of creativity breaking out in Grimshaw’s studio set-up grow to become the flames of new Indigo Lo tracks with ideas and inspirations flowing from the frontman before expanding into wide-lens, electric compositions. In the words of Grimshaw himself: “It sounds unstable, like it’s about to break up.” He is joined in Indigo Lo by long-term band mate Max Palmier (drums and formerly of Dolomite Minor alongside Grimshaw), Chris Smallwood (bass) and Tom Greenwood (guitar),

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