“If we took a holiday,
Took some time to celebrate,
Just one day out of life…
It would be, it would be so nice.”
True to the words of the great Madonna Louise Ciccone, the Brussels-based quartet, Antoine Meersseman, Timothée Philippe, Diego Leyder and newbie Lucie Marsaud let the Summer sun shine on their surprise new EP.

Taking an unexpected break from intricate structures that have made their art-rock so unique, BRNS have let some light in.

BRNS’ “Holidays EP” is generous, adventurous, laid back psychedelia reminiscent of Animal Collective’s early works with hints of Talking Heads, and beach babe Björk. This record is a welcome breath of fresh air, hitting at the dawn of your Summer vacation, better enjoyed with a Spritz or your favourite tea infused cocktail. BRNS also enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset, biking and the occasional cuddle under the stars.

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