Katherine Paul is Black Belt Eagle Scout. In 2018 her debut album Mother of My Children caught the attention of many as one of the year’s best albums, with Pitchfork observing the album as being “particularly elegant in the way it demonstrates how grief and love share space when something precious is taken from you, how the distinction between those emotions can blur,” and Vulture called KP “a powerful new voice.” Now, Black Belt Eagle Scout return with two new tracks on the Loss & Relax b/w Half Colored Hair 7-inch, released on April 26th via Saddle Creek.

“Loss & Relax” was first written following the recording Mother of My Children in 2017. As KP tells it, “I was full of emotion and also pride while recording in Anacortes (where MOMC was recorded) that I felt like there was something still there. I wrote the initial guitar line on this pull-out bed I was sleeping on in my parents living room while recording up there. I could have recorded it for MOMC but I felt like it would have been rushed and there was so much more to explore within the song.”

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