Hailed as ‘Britain’s best new punk group’ by London In Stereo and ‘new town nihilists’ by Q Magazine, Bad Breeding’s sound is one that demands to be noticed. Abrasive punk and no holds barred sonic assaults are the order of the day. After picking up support from everywhere from Zane Lowe on Radio 1 to NME, we know we’ve got a special proposition on our hands.
Take it from us, this is will be one full-on show that you won’t want to miss.

“Brutality has a new definition, Bad Breeding.” – Velvet

“On ‘Age Of Nothing’ they unleash hate and bile about living in a decaying new town development where nothing really happens. It’s built around savage guitar work, pounding drums but with a huge dose of melody” – Rough Trade

“The ghosts of those early Iceage and Eagulls gigs where you felt one of the band might end up lamping you if they caught you looking at your phone hang heavy throughout Bad Breeding’s set… the four piece antagonise throughout.” – NME

“This is it. This is real.” – Junk City

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